Speed Poker

Speed Poker is a new fast-paced cash game format that will keep your table action exciting at all times. It's basically the same cash game that you know, with the same fundamental rules, only without the huge waiting time between hands.


When you join a table, you are included in a large pool of players and face different opponents at every hand.

You can fold at any point. Clicking "Speed Fold" allows you to fold even if it is not your turn to act.

Folding will automatically speed you over to a new table with new opponents and start a new hand instantaneously.


Click on the "Speed Poker" tab in the client treeview.

Choose your game and stake level and click "Join Table" to start playing.

You will be seated randomly in a table for each hand.

Click on the "Speed Fold" button to start a new game


Speed Poker is a new poker format launched at DafaPoker. In Speed Poker you join a large pool of players and compete with different players at every hand. Unlike the standard poker game wherein you play with fixed opponents, it immediately transfers you to another table when you fold.

Where can I find the Speed Poker game?
You can find Speed Poker as a general node in the client tree view. Each Speed Poker game is marked with an  icon.

What is the use of the speed fold button?
Clicking on the speed fold button allows you to fold and move to a new hand. The player can use speed fold button at any point in a hand as long as they are facing a bet. The other players on the table will still see you visually seating on the seat while you already play at another table that time.

What happens when I'm in a sit-out mode?
When you go need to sit out, you will be moved into a separate empty table and sits there alone with the I am back button displayed.

How does the seating position in a Speed Poker game work?
In joining a Speed Poker game, most of the time you'll be seated in the big blind position. When you move into another table the big blind will go to the player who has gone the longest without posting it. All other seating positions are random.

Will I be able to observe a Speed Poker game?
Everytime you fold a hand, you will be seated into another table and the opponents will change. Therefore, opponents are not constantly seated at the same table for you to be able to observe them.