Dafabet Poker Software: Security and Integrity

Dafabet Poker Security
Earning the trust and confidence of our members is a primary goal here at Dafa Poker and the key to our success. We aim to make everyone feel 100% comfortable playing poker at our tables from day one and have taken every effort to ensure so. From using true random number generators to ensure total game integrity to providing our players with real-time on demand transaction and game histories from within the poker software to securing and protecting the privacy of our players with 128-bit SSL technology - these are the driving forces behind the way we run our business and our daily operations. We have also put in place the most advanced combination of statistical analysis tools and expert vigilance to provide the industry's most effective shield against player collusion. Dafa Poker employees and their relatives, including any of Dafa Poker's related companies and third party agencies and their employees and relatives, are not allowed to open a Player Account or otherwise enter and play on the Website.

Any and all information received from players is held in the strictest confidence by Dafa Poker. Player information will never be forwarded to any organization for commercial or any other gain, save that required by law. Read our privacy policy.

Cookies Policy
Dafabet aims to give you the best service and user experience at all times. One of our ways to deliver this is by the use of Cookies.

What is a “Cookie”?
A Cookie, also known as browser or tracking cookie sends a small piece of information sent by a web server to a web browser which enables the server to collect information from the browser. When you load a particular website, cookies are created and every time the user goes back to the same website, the browser retrieves and sends collected information to the website's server. Cookies are used to help users navigate their websites efficiently and perform certain functions. Due to their core role of enhancing/enabling usability or site processes, disabling cookies may prevent users from using certain function of websites.

How Dafabet use Cookies
Generally, Dafabet use cookies to improve user experience. To give you a better view and understanding, we provided below how cookies are used on our websites.

Tracking and Analysis
  • Cookies are used to analyze website traffic to further improve our website services.
  • Used to gather information which will be used for the Dafabet affiliate program.
  • Analyze how users move inside the website and collect information about how visitors use our site. Dafabet use this information to compile reports and help us improve our service.
  • This will allow us to recognize you as a returning visitor and display your preferred content.
  • Used to speed up and enhance your experience of our services offered.
  • Cookies are used for online chat services to provide support to our visitors.

Dafabet particularly uses session and persistent type of cookies. Session cookies which expires upon session logout and persistent which can be stored in your browser for a minute up to years depending on specific type of cookies.

How to manage cookies
You can always configure your browser if you wish to disable, delete stop storing cookies on your computer by deleting or altering your browser’s privacy setting. However please do note that disabling cookies may affect some services or features we offer.

Game Integrity
Dafa Poker employs a combination of automated and human monitoring tools to identify and prevent any irregular play patterns or incidences of collusion between players, thus ensuring fair gaming and a pleasant, honest poker environment. Advanced algorithms designed by veteran poker professionals and industry experts are set to trigger system events should any such patterns be identified; all gaming activity - every card, hand, move, win, loss, etc. - is recorded by the system to aid investigation. Player collusion is something that all players detest, and is a form of cheating whereby two or more players are working together to gain an unfair advantage over other players on a table. Dafa Poker has enlisted the services of a team of experienced Poker players utilizing a sophisticated monitoring system that automatically detects suspicious play patterns in the Poker tables. Players using Playtech's software can be assured that the game includes a sophisticated suite of analysis tools used extensively by the Collusion detection team, and these tools, together with trained observers/surveillance executives working 24/7 will keep cheats where they belong - well away from our games!! If there are any cheats out there - we are watching you and will have no hesitation in excluding you from the game, and sharing your name with other operators. Although we will always adopt an 'innocent until proven otherwise' policy, the intricate play-pattern analysis and corresponding game behaviour will create the necessary information needed to arrive at accurate conclusions. Depending upon the seriousness of the overall findings, players may be asked to provide valid explanations for their suspicious behavior or, in more extreme cases, we reserve the right to remove players from the site.

Actions against Colluders and Fraudulent Activity
We are absolutely committed to keep cheaters away from our site, so that our players can enjoy their games at Dafa Poker reassured in the knowledge that their play is backed by fairness and total integrity. It will be our firm policy to deal in the most determined and severe ways available with any individual and severe ways available with any individual or group of individuals who threaten or attempt to affect the game to the detriment of others in this way. Any information gathered about known cheats, colluders or others guilty of fraudulent activity will be distributed to other on-line gaming sites and, where appropriate to regulators and government authorities in the jurisdiction of the player(s) involved. Innocent players, the victims of such activity, will be treated with sympathetic concern. We encourage any player who believes he or she has been cheated, to report the offender (in complete confidence) by email to game@dafapoker.com. Complete records and a history of every hand are maintained at all times, and such records can be easily accessed and reviewed by the player. Finally, to all of you planning to or already enjoying playing our games, we wish you the best of luck and can guarantee, with confidence, the fairest game possible.

Dafabet Official
Please be wary of unlicensed and unregulated entities attempting to replicate Dafabet websites with malicious intentions. These fake websites are not associated with Dafabet in any way and are beyond our control and protection. For the highest security standards, only play at Official Dafabet websites. For more information, visit dafabetofficial.com.